Wednesday morning fire call at Eagleview Elementary

The Columbia Fire Department responded shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday to the report of light smoke inside Eagleview Elementary School, 113 S. Rapp Avenue.

Eagleview houses youngsters in pre-kindergarten through first grade in the Columbia School District.

The incident occurred prior to classes starting for the day, so there were only three people inside the building at the time. All evacuated safely as firefighters investigated. A white haze was observed inside the school upon firefighter arrival.

Columbia Superintendent of Schools Chris Grode said a plastic toy had somehow caught in a heat register in the school and had started to smolder and melt. Firefighters cut power to the register and cleared the cause of the smoke.

He said there was no big consequence aside from the smell of smoke that was dealt with by an air scrubber being brought in. School was operating as normal.

“We have advised parents that if they don’t feel comfortable they can keep their child home today, we just ask that they contact the Eagleview Elementary School office,” Grode added.

Grode spoke highly of the quick response by fire department and police personnel and the ability of those in the school to follow emergency plans and drills and evacuate quickly.

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