Answering your questions about the Independent acquisition


The Monroe County Independent announced Wednesday that it has been sold and turned over to the Republic-Times, which may prompt some questions from those who subscribed to only one or both papers.

To help answer those, the Republic-Times has gathered some of the most common questions readers may have and put the answers for you below.

If your question is not answered here, email or call 939-3814.

Question: I got an email telling me to set my password for website access. Is this real?

Answer: Yes. All the individuals who used to subscribe to both newspapers should have received an email from us on Feb. 24 asking them to set their password for their website profile. Just click on the link in the email, enter your email address and select your password. This provides unlimited website access and is separate from the e-edition email that went out on Feb. 22

Question: I received an email from Dirxion about a free e-edition of the Republic-Times. Is this real?

Answer: Yes, this is a legitimate email. Dirxion is the company we use to give subscribers the e-edition of our paper, and on Feb. 22 new subscribers who were previously subscribed only to the Monroe County Independent were notified that they could sign up. This is a free perk that will last until your Independent subscription expires.

Question: What happens if I subscribed to the Independent but not the Republic-Times?

Answer: Your print subscription will be honored by our paper beginning in March. That means, starting March 3, you will begin getting the R-T in your mailbox. You will also start receiving our emails and get access to our website and e-edition. When your Independent subscription ends, you will get a renewal notice from the Republic-Times.

Question: What if I do not want to receive the Republic-Times?

Answer: Please call or email using the contact methods listed above. As part of the purchase, we did not get any of the money you spent on your original subscription to the Independent, so we will not offer refunds.

Question: What if I am already subscribed to both papers?

Answer: We will upgrade your subscription to give full access to our website and e-edition. If you already subscribed to that highest tier, your subscription will not change.

Question: If I already subscribed to both papers, can I get an extension on my Republic-Times subscription?

Answer: We are not offering to extend subscriptions at this time.

Question: Will the Republic-Times publish the Independent?

Answer: No. The Independent will no longer be published in any form.

Question: How will the Republic-Times change?

Answer: The Independent had many strengths that we will be looking to incorporate in our paper as soon as we can. This may include online classified ads, more frequent email updates and more photos of the smaller and social events in the county. It may take some time for us to implement these and other changes, but we are committed to bringing you the best product possible.

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