New laws for Illinois in 2018

State legislators have passed more than 200 new laws that will take effect in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2018.

Here’s a list of key laws taking effect in the new year, which turns out to be Illinois’ 200th year as a state:

House Bill 40 removes the trigger provision from Illinois law that would reinstate previous state policy banning abortion in the event Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

House Bill 270 requires each law enforcement agency to develop a written policy regarding the investigation of officer-involved criminal sexual assaults.

House Bill 375 requires the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board to create a course on mental health awareness including recognizing mental crises which require an immediate response.

House Bill 512 amends the election code to allow notice of public referenda to be up to 60 days prior instead of 30 days.

House Bill 514 allows records of criminal charges that result in an acquittal or dismissal with prejudice, except for minor traffic offenses, to be immediately sealed following final disposition of the case.

House Bill 733 prohibits motor vehicle dealers from allowing a driver to leave the premises in a vehicle with any type of signs/decals on windows that would obstruct the driver’s view.

House Bill 743 allows the Fire Protection Board of Trustees to levy a special tax for expenses for emergency and rescue crews and equipment via referendum.

House Bill 1784 allows motorists to pass bicyclists in no passing zones and allows bicyclists to drive on the shoulder.

House Bill 1785 allows an individual to change the sex designation on their birth certificate without undergoing a gender transition.

House Bill 1805 allows driver’s license or identification card applicants who are 16 years old or older (rather than 18) the opportunity to be included in the First Person Consent organ and tissue donor registry.

House Bill 2585 provides that if there isn’t a newspaper in an area, then public notices that are required by law may be published in a secular newspaper that has general circulation within the unit of local government or school district.

House Bill 2959 bars health insurance companies from denying coverage to Illinois residents with pre-existing conditions.

House Bill 3054 requires circuit courts to post a public notice with details on how to file complaints against judges.

House Bill 3084 removes the statute of limitations on prosecution for felony aggravated DUI causing death.

House Bill 3108 allows fire departments, fire protection districts, or non-profit ambulance services to receive loans of up to $200,000 for the purchase of ambulances.

House Bill 3215 requires school districts to make feminine hygiene products available and free for students.

House Bill 3251 expands the cyberstalking offense to include installing tracking software and causing threats.

House Bill 3469 allows municipal or county emergency service or disaster service vehicles to be equipped with sirens.

House Bill 3711 includes intimidation, stalking, cyberstalking, or transmission of obscene messages as possible hate crimes and creates a civil penalty for hate crimes.

Senate Bill 3 allows local government units to dissolve via referendum.

Senate Bill 55 designates Aug. 4 of each year as “Barack Obama Day” in honor of the 44th President of the United States. His birthday is Aug. 4.

Senate Bill 639 creates an imprisonment term for a person who delivers a fatal dose of a controlled substance to another person.

Senate Bill 1261 allows pet owners to create partial or joint custody for pets upon dissolution of a marriage.

Senate Bill 1342 bans African and Asian elephants in circuses and traveling animal acts.

Senate Bill 1722 creates tougher sentencing guidelines for repeat gun offenders while working to keep nonviolent offenders out of prison.

For a complete list of all new laws taking effect in 2018, click here.

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