Hudson case moving forward

Trevor Hudson

Judge Dennis Doyle ruled Thursday that there is sufficient probable cause for the case against Trevor Hudson to continue following a preliminary hearing at the Monroe County Courthouse. 

A preliminary hearing determines if there is enough evidence for a case to require a trial. 

Hudson, 26, of Waterloo, was charged with attempted murder and two counts of armed violence following a Nov. 22 stabbing on Osterhage Drive in Waterloo. 

At the hearing, Waterloo Police Department Sgt. Eric Zaber explained law enforcement’s understanding of what transpired in the case. 

Using reports from officers with the WPD and Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, Zaber testified that the WPD was dispatched to 215 Osterhage Drive at about 3:30 a.m. Nov. 22. 

The nature of the 911 call was originally unclear, as officers thought there may have been shots fired. 

When police arrived at the scene, they observed a black male in the street holding what appeared to be a bloodstained white T-shirt to his neck. 

That person was 38-year-old Marco Conrad, who was still bleeding from stab wounds in neck and back. 

Zaber said Conrad was moaning and in severe pain. 

“I believe he made the comment he thought he was going to die,” Zaber recalled.

Conrad was rushed to the emergency room for surgery. He survived. 

After speaking with the homeowner, Amanda Jackson, police searched the residence, noticing blood on the floor and couch in the living room leading to the kitchen. 

Jackson told officers Hudson was still inside her home. There were children inside as well. 

Jackson also told police Hudson said “he had stabbed the victim.” 

During the search, police encountered Jackson’s step-son, who said Hudson had left via the back door. That door, which is near the basement, was closed. 

Next, officers searched the basement and found two knives with blades approximately 5-6 inches long underneath the step-child’s bed. 

The step-child told officers Hudson hid the weapons there. One of the knives appeared to have blood on the tip, while the other was in a sheath. 

The step-son also told police that Hudson said “I got him” when he went down to the basement. 

After conducting a search outside the residence, Police found Hudson underneath a trampoline near a retaining wall by the house. 

He was taken into custody. 

Police spoke with Conrad again at the hospital. 

“He said a heavyset white male had stabbed him in the living room,” Zaber said. 

After Conrad got out of the hospital, police questioned him once more at his residence in East St. Louis. 

Zaber said that Conrad told them he was a guest in Jackson’s residence. Conrad and Jackson were in a relationship and were “more than friends,” according to Zaber. 

Conrad said Hudson arrived at Jackson’s residence around 2:15 a.m. Conrad was not sure why he was there, but Jackson and Hudson had a private conversation. 

After they finished speaking, Conrad said Jackson returned to the living room and fell asleep. 

Shortly thereafter, Conrad, who was sitting on the couch, said he felt what he thought was a pocketknife stab him in the neck. 

When Conrad looked up and realized what happened, he moved to exit the house through the front door and felt like he was hit in the back by something, which was the second stab. 

Conrad proceeded to pound on neighboring doors to get someone to call 911. 

After telling this story by responding to questions from Monroe County State’s Attorney Chris Hitzemann, Zaber answered a few questions from Hudson’s attorney, Celeste Korando. 

Korando is running to replace Hitzemann in next year’s election. 

Based on Korando’s questioning, Zaber said that Hudson was not interviewed by police because he “seemed somewhat out of it.” 

Zaber also testified that Hudson did not receive medical treatment as far as he knew and that Jackson did not speak about a private conversation with Hudson. 

Furthermore, no one except Conrad and Hudson were awake when the stabbing occurred as far as Zaber knew, and  no one  said why Conrad was at Jackson’s home. 

After Doyle ruled there was probable cause, Hudson, who was present at the hearing, was returned to the Monroe County Jail. 

His next court date will be in January. 

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