Fast Fitness in the Loo moves

Pictured is the new home of Fast Fitness in the Loo at 405 Front Street in Waterloo.

ved last weekend to a new location in Waterloo. It is now located at 405 Front Street.

“Because our community mission has grown and it isn’t just about working out, we needed more space,” owner Christene Baldwin said. “We needed more space for fellowship.” 

The gym has plans to offer a coffee fellowship and a fitness class for those with low-mobility and older individuals, in addition to hosting an event for Helping Strays. 

Baldwin also said she wanted to invest more in her business and the community, despite the fact that she is not “from home.” 

“I think this really shows our members that we are all in the community, which is what we are trying to do,” she said. 

The building is larger than the gym’s previous home, but it was not intended to be used as a fitness center.

It has been used as an American Legion headquarters and a bar, but Baldwin said preparing the space for her purposes was not a problem. 

That is because several gym members helped move the equipment and clean the new property. 

Baldwin said she was extremely grateful for that assistance. 

“The Amish barn-raising analogy has never been truer,” she said, noting that members with skills like contracting helped with more complex work. “It was just cleaning and using the skills that everybody had.” 

“They pay a membership,” Baldwin added. “The fact that they pay a membership and were still willing to donate their time to help blew me away.” 

Visit or call 270-268-9688 to learn more about the business and all it offers. 

There will be an open house on April 17 from 7-10 a.m. that will include opportunities to workout and the fundraiser for Helping Strays. 

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