Bootsie’s temporarily closed

Pictured is a closed Bootsie’s restaurant in Waterloo on Thursday morning. (Kermit Constantine photo)

Bootsie’s is apparently getting a reboot.

Bootsie’s restaurant, bakery and general store in Waterloo is closed “for a short period of time,” according to co-owner Jerry Sickmeier.

The establishment, which opened last year at 1365 Illinois Route 3 after months of anticipation, has been the subject of extensive speculation and rumors in recent days after it was closed Tuesday through Thursday of this week. It is normally open those days.

Sickmeier confirmed the business is closed as the owners work to close a new loan, which is requiring more time and paperwork than expected.

“We look to have it finished hopefully next week,” he said. “In the meantime, I’m looking to hire new management and additional employees and (revamp) the menu.”

Sickmeier said there will be a grand opening with the bakery and general store “back in full swing.” He said Bootsie’s will have the same hours it currently does, which means it will be open every day but Monday.

Sickmeier also addressed rumors swirling around the establishment’s future.

“It’s just sad that some of the rumors are not even close to being true,” he said. “This is a family owned restaurant and it’s been a hard struggle, but I’m confident we can bring it back better than ever.”

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