Elmore drops out of race

Monroe County Commissioner Bob Elmore said Monday that he will no longer be seeking re-election after fellow Republican George Green announced plans last week to challenge Elmore. 

“I’ve been thinking about this for some time,” Elmore told the Republic-Times. “I was going to run if nobody else did. So, I’m going to let Mr. Green have it. I’m not going to run.” 

Elmore, of Waterloo, currently serves as the chairman of the board of commissioners. He was elected in 2014 after narrowly unseating Democrat Mike Kovarik. 

Elmore – who initially announced in June that he would be seeking a second term on the county board –said he originally had to be convinced to run again. 

Now that Green has entered the race, he said that and the time commitment combined to change his mind. 

“It’s six years,” the 81-year-old noted. “That’s a long time. I’ve been thinking about this all summer long. Some other folks tried to talk me into it, and they had me pretty well talked into it, but I don’t think I’m going to do it now.”

When he announced his bid for re-election, Elmore highlighted courthouse security improvements, an Oak Hill expansion, the creation of an economic development corporation and creation of a task force working on a four-lane highway from Waterloo to Murphysboro as accomplishments during his tenure. 

“Bob Elmore has done a good job serving our county,” Monroe County Republican Central Committee Chairman Ed McLean said Tuesday. “He’s always had the future of the county in his mind first. I wish him the best.”

Prior to being elected, Elmore served within the Republican Party in McLean’s role. 

Now, Elmore said he is anticipating the end of his service. 

“I’m looking forward to Nov. 30 of 2020 when my term will be up,” he said. 

McLean said Green, 67, of rural Maeystown, will ably fill Elmore’s shoes. 

“I feel we have a highly-qualified individual with great experience in business and leadership,” he said. “He, too, will serve well with the county in mind first.” 

In addition to Elmore’s seat, county offices up for election in 2020 include coroner, state’s attorney and circuit clerk. 

Those offices are currently held by Bob Hill, Chris Hitzemann and Lisa Fallon, respectively. 

Petition circulation for candidates began Sept. 3. 

Candidacy paperwork for the 2020 election may be filed at the courthouse from Nov. 25 through Dec. 2. 

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James Moss

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