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Swimming gives new purpose to Columbia man

By on August 9, 2017 at 2:15 pm

Pictured are John and Jen Traube with daughters Meredith and Emily. (submitted photo)

In competitive swimming, the keys are to stay within yourself and keep pushing the entire time.

For longtime swimmer John Traube, 47, of Columbia, those lessons also apply to his life now probably more than ever.

Traube was diagnosed with brain cancer on Dec. 6 when a tumor was detected in his frontal lobe. It’s an aggressive brain tumor that is malignant and will likely re-grow at some point.

“It was shocking and very hard to believe, but we very quickly took on a mindset of challenging the statistics,” Traube said.

Traube underwent surgery and radiation, and is currently taking part in a clinical immunotherapy trial at Siteman Cancer Center that seems to be going well with minimal side effects.

“The goal is to wake up your immune system,” John’s wife, Jen Traube, explained about the trial. “Our whole world was turned upside down. But you adjust, change your attitude and perspective on things. We’re focusing on living and being positive. He feels pretty good.”

Another type of therapy for John is his love of swimming.

In fact, John and Jen met during a college swim meet. He was swimming for Clarion University, she for Edinboro University, both in Pennsylvania.

“I guess you can say swimming is in our blood,” Jen Traube said during a 2014 article interview. “It’s all we know.”

That passion for swimming has extended down to the Traubes’ two daughters, Meredith and Emily…>>>

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