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Sheriff, state’s attorney explain growing budgets

By on November 7, 2018 at 2:07 pm

As previously reported in the Republic-Times, Monroe County State’s Attorney Chris Hitzemann and Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing asked for an increase in their overall budgets at recent hearings before the Monroe County Board.

With the fiscal year set to  start Dec. 1, the county board is expected to approve its next budget before the end of this month.

Hitzemann and Rohlfing each explained to the Republic-Times in what areas their proposed budgets increased and why they requested additional funds. 

Hitzemann increased his budget request by $85,000, up to $432,034.42.

Rohlfing proposed the county raise his budget $155,986.61 from the previous fiscal year. For fiscal year 2017, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department expended $2,987,369.52.

Hitzemann’s increases came from asking for money to hire a second assistant state’s attorney and an investigator. 

The assistant state’s attorney would make $65,000 annually, while the investigator would work part-time as a contract employee and make $20,000.

For Rohlfing’s department, his increases come primarily from wanting to hire an assistant director of building maintenance, performing radio maintenance and acquiring new portable radios…>>>  


Read the rest of the story in the November 7, 2018, issue of the Republic-Times.

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James Moss