One Stop Shop brings new name to tie-dye

Pictured, store owner Susan Ganter (center) cuts the ribbon during a Nov. 1 ceremony welcoming One Stop Shop to Water- loo as city and Chamber of Commerce officials look on. The new shop is located at 210 South Main Street. Call 939-1390 for more information. (Val Chism photo)

With a flourish of bright colors, One Stop Shop on Main Street opened its doors to the Waterloo community last week.

Owner Susan Ganter’s store features a variety of tie-dye and glitter-accented items, including shirts, hoodies, leggings, pants, hair bows and more.

She wants to help create a better name for the tie-dye-loving community – one that isn’t associated with marijuana and bongs. Ganter is a Christian and an ordained minister.

“I want to redo (the scene) and make sure that Christ stays at the center of my business,” Ganter said.

She came up with the idea to open a shop of this nature after she had back surgery and was not able to do much with her time.

“I knew I had to come up with something to do, so I started doing tie-dye and blinging things out,” she said. “It really just grew from there.”

Ganter has been doing tie-dye for two years and said she has really grown to appreciate it as a form of art.

Her passion for tie-dye and drive to open a shop was so great that she sold her 2013 car in order to have the money for the One Stop Shop.

“It was already paid for, so I just took a chance and jumped in,” she said.

Although the majority of the shop is geared toward women, she does offer a few things for men as well.

“We have a few camouflage items, and I’m trying to get teenagers in here, too,” she said.

She has a contraption set up near the front of her store that she uses to make what she calls spin art, which involves a motorized rotating flat circle that a T-shirt can be pinned to and paint can be “spun” onto it.

In addition to using the machine to make unique clothing for her store, Ganter also has plans to rent out the spin art machine for use at birthday parties.

“It took me a long time to get to this point,” she said. “I put days and days and days into making these (tie-dye works).”

The back room of the shop will be a mini resale shop as well.

“I call it two shops in one,” Ganter said with a laugh.

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