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‘Ideas Over Beers’ event brews ingenuity

By on August 30, 2017 at 1:29 pm

Birton Cowden, a Hecker native, led the “Ideas Over Beers” session last Thursday at Stubborn German Brewing.
(Sean McGowan photo)

Dr. Birton Cowden, a Hecker native, surveyed the crowd Thursday night at Stubborn German Brewing in Waterloo, microphone in hand.

Everyone from well-known business owners to budding entrepreneurs sat around the room in anticipation of the start of the inaugural “Ideas Over Beers” event, meant to inspire the sharing of ideas for ventures such as new business or economic development.

Cowden, who serves as director of new venture development at the University of Massachusetts, began with a vote of confidence as he questioned Stubborn German owners Chris and Tammy Rahn.

“Who are you to open a microbrewery here while also running an auto shop in town? Who are you to think you can do that?” he posed as a rhetorical question. “The audacity. It all just starts with that — just one person having the audacity.”

To paint a clearer picture, Cowden went on to share his definition of an entrepreneur.

“Here’s my definition — A person that gets cool (stuff) done without someone telling them to do so, and without the proper resources,” he said. “No one is going to hand you anything. There’s no special pixie dust…>>>

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