Waterloo amends city official salaries

The Waterloo City Council on Monday night amended its code of ordinances regarding salaries for city officials, lowering the percentage of annual salary increase in the process.

A four percent annual increase for aldermen, previously established several years ago, will go to 1.5 percent following the April 2017 general election. By law, aldermen cannot raise or reduce their own salaries while seated in office.

For the mayor, city clerk and treasurer, their annual salary increase will be 1.5 percent effective May 1, 2015, rather than four percent.

In 2013, the mayor’s salary was $11,843.39; the clerk’s salary was $11,387.77; the treasurer’s salary was $7,591.91.

In 2014, those salaries increased to $12,317.14, $11,843.40 and $7,895.60, respectively.

Aldermanic salaries for 2013 were $9,110.30 and $9,474.71 in 2014. Their salaries will be $10,650 after the 2017 election with a 1.5 percent annual increase thereafter.

For special meetings, any alderman, city clerk and mayor attending will be paid 1/36th of their annual salary, according to the ordinance.

For public hearings, the city clerk and mayor will be paid $50 per hearing effective May 2015, rather than 1/36th of their salary as it was set previously. For aldermen, the public hearing rate of $50 will apply after the 2017 election but remains at 1/36th of their salary until then.

For committee meetings, the chairman of a committee will receive $50 per meeting and committee members will receive $35 per meeting attended, provided that no member shall be paid for more than 12 committee meetings per quarter.

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Corey Saathoff

Corey is the editor of the Republic-Times. He has worked at the newspaper since 2004, and currently resides in Columbia. He is also the principal singer-songwriter and plays guitar in St. Louis area country-rock band The Trophy Mules.
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