Valmeyer applying for highway grant

Pictured are sections of streets (dotted line) in Valmeyer that would benefit from funds if a highway improvement grant is accepted.

The Valmeyer Village Board met last Tuesday night to discuss improvements to a “connector road” via a joint project with the Monroe County Highway Department. 

The section of road connects Route 156 on the south side of Valmeyer with Woodland Ridge, the street that leads down to Bluff Road through the north end of the village.

As a connector, the section of streets qualifies for a state highway improvement grant.

The proposed improvement project would have a two-inch asphalt overlay installed on parts of Meyer Avenue, Cedar Bluff Drive and Woodland Ridge.

The village board voted to allow village attorney Myron Hanna to prepare a resolution authorizing Valmeyer to participate in the project with the county highway department.

The resolution also authorizes Valmeyer Mayor Howard Heavner and Valmeyer Village Clerk Laurie Brown to complete any necessary documentation. 

The project is in preliminary stages and would not begin for at least two years. 

During the meeting, the project was estimated to cost around $750,000, with  Heavner stating he believed the grant would save the village around $600,000.

The next meeting of the Valmeyer Village Board is set for Jan. 18 at 7:30 p.m.

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