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Oh boy. People are fools. We have thrown out rational thinking and manners.  In this day and age, an increasing amount of people think they are entitled. It’s maddening.

How about being real? How about being honest? Could we once and for all set aside differences and decide we are going to show a little class? How about accepting the fact that not everyone wins? I find myself hollering at the news as I’m watching or reading. I’ve got to calm down.

The first thing I read this week that ticked me off was about poor ol’ Stephen King. You know, the horror writer. He DARED to be honest and give a solid opinion. Boy, people didn’t like it one bit.

So here’s what happened: As soon as the Oscar nominations came out, everyone started squawking about how there are no women directors nominated and the lack of diversity among nominees.  King tweeted that he would never consider diversity in matters of art. Only quality.  

I can see why he was blasted, but I can also see that he is being honest. He is basically saying that if there were a bunch of female directors who directed the best movies of the year, he’d vote for them. He is saying the actors he voted for might be a highly diverse group if he felt they brought the best performances of the year. That’s it. 

I believe he was just being honest and not being a chauvinist or racist. He’s talking about quality performances. Quality directing.

It’s my contention that the matter of diversity needs to be addressed by the entertainment community.  They need to do something about it. Write quality scripts and find pieces that can feature female leads, diverse casts and people with special needs. Some folks are doing that, but not enough. If there are more movies of quality out there, and if those movies cast talented people from all different backgrounds, maybe people can settle down about it all.

I do think the nominations look bad at times.  Lack of diversity. All male directors. But I also feel that the most voters choose quality performances.  

King was just telling it like it is. Giving his opinion. He’s entitled to that.

Then there’s Vince Vaughn, who sat with the Trumps at a basketball game. He talked and smiled with them both, and when he got up to go, he shook Mr. Trump’s hand. Immediate backlash. Talk of his career being harmed. Outrage.  

Wait a minute; for shaking someone’s hand? Isn’t that just common courtesy and good manners? Boy, what a load of bull.

Ellen Degeneres is friends with George W. Bush. They sat together at a function and laughed with each other, having a good old time. Ellen simply said, “He’s my friend.” I’m sure they have differing views on things, but who cares? I’m glad they are buddies.

Shoot, if I only had friends I agreed with, I wouldn’t have many. Some of my best friends can totally disagree with almost all my beliefs. A couple of them are people I try not to discuss politics or religion with. And I love them dearly.

Sure, Mr. Trump has done and said things I cringe at. I wish he was more “presidential” and I wish he’d hold his tongue.  I disagree with numerous things he does. But I don’t hate the guy.  I can’t deny he’s done a lot of great things. If I were sitting next to him, I’d for sure shake his hand and pose for a selfie, if Melania would let me.

We need to be real about things. We need to be truthful. Not everyone gets a nomination. You may not be picked for the school musical, even if you’ve auditioned for four years.  

You may not be a great singer, even if you like music. There may be better actors than you. Someone might be smarter, prettier and better. Face facts and accept it. Find joy in other things and go with the flow.  

Find joy in other people. Disagree with them, but don’t disown them or dismiss them because you disagree. Love others for the person they are and don’t let differences keep you apart. Be nice. Smile, shake hands, exchange pleasantries.  

I could start talking about God here, but I’ll save that for another column.

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