Local athletes enjoying college success

Former Columbia volleyball standout Alyssa Yochum is having success at the University of Southern Indiana.

Monroe County was well-represented on the college sports scene this past fall, with more than 50 local high school graduates competing at the next level in football, soccer, volleyball, golf and cross country.

Read the full story in the January 9, 2019, newspaper for updates on local college athletes including Jordan Holmes, Grant Snow, Cole Foster, Ben Huels, Daniel Gardner, Aedan Stanley, Sean Rickey, Adam Becker, Ryan Stites, Andrew Reinholz, Charlie McGhee, Justin Kohler, Jon Kuebler, Andrew Young, Dalton Scace, Dawson Holden, Trevor Davis, Aaron Grohmann, Jake Bridges, Dave Olson, Lauren Kaempfe, Abby Phelps, Carley Olson, Morgan Glaenzer, Madelyne Juenger, Alison Riddle, Taylor Parks, Lauren Tolan, Erika Lloyd, Sierra Berg, Bailey Bosler, Colene Hamilton, Kelsey Hamann, Samantha Kruse, Alyssa Yochum, Kat Finnerty, Marla Valleroy, Ellie Stone, Megan Gilliam, Sammi Seidel, Hillary Wessel, Kyle Steve, Matt Rachell, Zach Heet, Zoe Hejna, Jake Schwartz, Libby Price, Cole Rodenberg and Jake Krekel.

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