Early morning arrest at Columbia gas station


Suspects who drove away from an early Friday morning traffic stop attempt in East St. Louis were apprehended at a Columbia gas station.

East St. Louis police were in pursuit of a silver Kia sometime after 1 a.m., with occupants inside the vehicle possibly in possession of handguns. Sauget police attempted to stop the vehicle, which continued south and west on I-255 and crossed the J.B. Bridge into Missouri before turning around and returning east on I-255.

Sauget police located the suspect vehicle at Shell Storage, 223 Southwoods Drive, Columbia, but it was abandoned. Suspects apparently had fled to Moto Mart, located nearby at 286 Southwoods Drive.

Columbia police and Monroe County sheriff’s deputies assisted Sauget police in taking the suspects into custody when they exited Moto Mart.

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