Chausse retires from MCSD

Larry Chausse retired last week from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. 

Sergeant Larry Chausse gave his final 10-42 with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department last Tuesday, marking his retirement from the force.

Chausse has served in Monroe County for two decades, first working part-time with the sheriff’s department before working in Valmeyer and ultimately ending up with a full-time position at the MCSD.

Over the years, he’s served as patrol deputy, field training officer and Taser instructor, being promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2015.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Chausse said. “Obviously there’s times where it’s very hard, very difficult, just some of the calls you go to and some of the stuff you see. But it was good.”

Chausse said one aspect of the job he’ll miss is the occasional adrenaline rush, but he will look back far more fondly on the people he worked with.

“I’ve worked with a lot of great people, I mean past and present,” Chausse said. “Sheriff (Dan) Kelley was great to work for, Sheriff (Neal) Rohlfing was great to work with. All the people that’ve retired before me, there were some great guys and girls there.”

Rohlfing commended Chausse on his work with the department, saying he’s been “a go-to guy for our younger deputies.”

“He’s done an outstanding job for the sheriff’s office. He’s been a mentor for a lot of the younger guys,” Rohlfing said. “He’s been a very important part of molding our future deputies for patrol.”

While he didn’t want to get into specifics, Chausse said the job he currently has set up is effectively a desk job. He hopes to go into a less demanding and stressful position.

“For my family, for my wife and my kids, it’s a better schedule, better family life, and that was the main factor for me,” Chausse said. “It’s not that I hated the job. I never really hated the job. It’s just wearing on me.”

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