Another Bobcat Sighting in Monroe County

(submitted photo)

Within the last two weeks, there have been two confirmed bobcat sightings in Monroe County.

What appears to be a dead bobcat was found along Route 156 by the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Waterloo two weeks ago. A photo of the dead animal, which appears to have been struck by a vehicle, was sent to the Republic-Times. The newspaper chose not to publish the photo due to its graphic nature.

The bobcat pictured here was seen last Wednesday sitting in the grass along the driveway of Scott and Jill Hempen between Columbia and Waterloo. “He didn’t seem to mind my husband opening the front door to take his picture,” Jill Hempen said. “He was quite intent on watching a squirrel up in the tree.”

Bobcats have been seen roaming the area with more frequency over the past few years, including multiple sightings in and around Columbia.

For more information on the growing bobcat population in Southern Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website.

(submitted photo)


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