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Local entrepreneurs open Pie Hard Pizza

By on October 6, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Pictured, Megan Keefe stands at the window of her Pie Hard food truck during the most recent Waterloo Chamber of Commerce concert on the courthouse grounds, ready to serve some hungry customers. (Kermit Constantine photo)


A new pizza food truck business in the area called Pie Hard opened in August, and the two locals who bought into the venture are enjoying modest success.

Megan Keefe and Michael Pastor, both of Waterloo, coined the name out of deference to their favorite movie, “Die Hard.” This 1980s Bruce Willis film involves a New York police officer going lone gunman on a group of terrorists while trapped inside a Los Angeles building with no help on the way.

“We were sitting around one day with a notebook and writing down different ideas for the name. And I said we should try to come up with a pun, and we both love ‘Die Hard,’” she said. “So, that’s how that got started.”

The fun didn’t stop there for Keefe and Pastor, who then decided also to have the scene from “Die Hard” with John McClane crawling through the building’s air ducts painted on the back of their food truck.

However, Pie Hard is more than puns and a reminder of one of the greatest movies of the 20th century. The pizza that Pastor, a longtime chef who has worked at fine dining restaurants in Chicago and St. Louis, has whipped up for the business has garnered a lot of attention.

Listed on the website are five different pizzas in the regular rotation, including The Queen, made with classic red sauce, basil and mozzarella, or the The Vladi — a meatball pizza with vodka sauce, pickled shallot, rosemary and mozzarella. Keefe said some of the more creative options seem to appeal to a specific crowd.

“Some people aren’t really willing to try something different than they’re used to,” she said. “But usually, the ones that try the creative pizzas say, ‘OK, a pizza can be good if it’s not just red sauce and meat…>>>

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