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‘It’s been an honor:’ MCSD deputy retires

By on December 5, 2018 at 1:23 pm

Retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Larry Gardner with his retirement cake. (James “Tal” Moss photo)

After 25 years as a member of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, Larry Gardner retired on Thursday. 

“It’s been an honor to serve the citizens of Monroe County for the last 20-plus years,” the longtime deputy said over the police radio after he finished his final shift. 

Prior to starting with the department in February 1993, Gardner worked in maintenance for a Catholic church and school in his hometown of Cahokia. 

From 1980-1986, he also served in a part-time volunteer role as a deputy marshal. His police officer, who was a Cahokia police officer, encouraged Gardner to become a deputy marshal. 

When he and his family moved to Waterloo, Gardner said he wanted to take his career to the next step. 

“When we moved to Monroe County I wanted to further that,” he remembered. “So I started working part-time and then I had the opportunity to work full-time, so that’s what I did.”

After being hired as a part-time deputy, his first major undertaking was to assist with efforts around the Flood of 1993.

“It was overwhelming at times, seeing all the devastation of the flood,” Gardner said…>>>

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James Moss