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IDNR weighs in on wind farm project

By on October 31, 2018 at 2:02 pm

Local developer Joe Koppeis discusses his proposed wind farm project with the Republic-Times on Monday. (Alan Dooley photo)

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources earlier this month released a report on the impact a proposed wind farm in rural Monroe County would have on natural resources. 

The report is one of the early steps local developer Joe Koppeis and his team must take to submit an application for the wind farm. They have not yet submitted this application to the county. 

Koppeis discussed the wind farm, which would be located near the bluffs south of Valmeyer, with the Monroe County Board at an August meeting attended by many local residents.

The report says the wind farm, which will have 50 turbines spread across about 15,000 acres and 15 miles, could affect 79 natural resources including animals, ground water and caves. 

Given the impact on the environment, the IDNR gave 19 recommendations related to the project.

The department stressed, however, that its report had a narrow scope and specific role. 

“The department’s role in the consultation process is to address potential adverse effects to the natural areas and state-listed endangered and to fish and wildlife habitat generally,” the department wrote…>>>


Read the rest of the story in the October 31, 2018, issue of the Republic-Times.

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James Moss