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Historic church, school renovated and ready

By on July 11, 2018 at 3:05 pm

Pictured is the inside of the renovated former St. Paul Lutheran Church in Columbia. (Kermit Constantine photo)

Nearly a decade ago, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Columbia member Alberta Spradling attended a church meeting that would impact her life for years.

She and her husband had recently moved here from Tennessee and joined the church. At that fateful meeting, members discussed the old church building at 114 W. Liberty Street that first housed the congregation. 

Spradling’s ears perked up. Later, she and her husband visited the old church building and saw it was dilapidated. 

“When we walked in here there was nothing but toilets, lawn mowers and trash,” said Spradling, who lives in Smithton. “The windows were mostly all boarded up because they were busted. It was a disaster.”

The building also had no lighting and no walls. 

Pictured, Alberta Spradling stands inside the historic Columbia church she has helped renovate. (Kermit Constantine photo)

Seeing the decrepit church provoked a response in Spradling that would lead her to take on a project that would take almost a decade to complete. 

“I cried all the way home,” she recalled. “This church had been donated for God, and now look at it. So, we both looked at it and decided we were going to restore God’s house and we won’t stop until His house is restored.” 

Spradling, who has led the renovation effort, started work on the church in 2009 and finished it in 2010. The building was re-dedicated in 2011, but Spradling could not open its doors to the public because it did not have a bathroom…>>>

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