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Güd Run Club gives back to community

By on November 14, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Pictured are members of the Güd Run Club during one of its first meetings at Stubborn German Brewing Company. (submitted photo)

To those who know him, Taylor Sebestik is something of a running guru.

In addition to running himself, Sebestik coaches the cross country and track teams at Waterloo Junior High School. 

So, friends and coworkers would come to him when they needed advice on running. Eventually, some asked him about meeting to run together. 

Sebestik sent an email out last spring as a feeler to gauge people’s interest, and the response was resounding.

“There was a lot of people interested from any level of ‘you’ve piqued my interest’ to ‘I’m all for it, when can we start’ kind of attitude,’” he said. 

And so began the Güd Run Club. 

It started as a casual way for

individuals with varying levels of seriousness about running to socialize and exercise. It soon transformed into something different.

“At some point we decided we would like to have a good theme to it,” Sebestik recalled. 

That theme became giving back to the community, as the club now uses its gatherings to raise funds for charities and people in need…>>> 

Read the rest of the story in the November 14, 2018, newspaper.

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James Moss