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Found pet in Fults – chow mix

By on April 7, 2014 at 1:45 pm
Chow-mix found in Fults (Submitted photo)

Chow-mix found in Fults (Submitted photo)

–Found dog alert–

“This stray dog that showed up at our farm in Fults near MM and G Road on Saturday Apr 5th. He’s a sweet guy, clean and in good condition, wearing an orange collar and he really wants to come in the house. So, I think he’s a house dog or family pet. He’s not neutered and not wearing tags. He has not been checked for a microchip yet. He’s about 40 lbs, has a black tongue, and his coat is similar to a golden retriever.”

Please call Columbia Animal Hospital @ 618-281-7161 if you have any information about the owners of this dog.

Ryan Ledendecker

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