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Dupo business district proposed

By on August 9, 2018 at 7:34 pm

The above map shows the boundaries of the proposed Dupo business district. (submitted photo)

Dupo is one step closer to creating a business district after the village board officially heard a proposal at its regular meeting.

The business district has been in the works since the board began discussing it in the spring.

“We started discussing it as a potential revenue generator and a potential way to cure some ails in the village,” said Keith Moran, who serves as economic development consultant for Dupo.

Moran said a business district is straightforward in both its operation and benefits.

“It’s a newer economic development tool that allows even non-home rural communities to bump up their sales tax by up to 1 percent to help with redevelopment efforts within that general area,” Moran explained.

In Dupo’s case, the current sales tax is 7.35 percent. So, if someone buys a product in Dupo that costs $100, after tax it will be $107.35.

Those tax dollars go to the Illinois Department of Revenue, which redistributes them to a variety of places.

The state gets $5, Dupo gets $1 for its general fund, St. Clair County gets 25 cents and the rest of the money goes to other local tax districts like one for county flood prevention.

If the business district is put in place, the tax goes up to 8.35 percent. The allotment of money stays the same, but now Dupo would get an extra $1 for its business district fund.

That money then goes toward improvements in the business district.

“What’s nice about it is what gets generated in that area gets spent in that area as well,” said Moran. “It’s not just some tax that can go blindly into all areas. It’s meant and intended to make improvements in the Dupo business district area.”

The proposed business district encompasses 358 parcels of property and rights-of-way in the village. Generally, it includes properties along Main Street and extends to I-255 on the northern and southern ends…>>>

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