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Columbia School Board OKs attorney fees

By on May 30, 2018 at 11:29 am

The Columbia School District did not have a fee agreement with its current attorney prior to its May board meeting, Columbia School Board member Tammy Mitchell Hines told the Republic-Times.

Hines informed board members in April that, when she asked for the current agreement, she received a 2006 fee schedule with law firm Robbins Schwartz. The district currently employs Guin Mundorf.

“When we were preparing for the expulsion hearing, it came to my attention that we didn’t have an agreement with our board attorney,” Hines said in April.

She said when Barney Mundorf left Robbins Schwartz years ago to start his own firm, the board should have approved a new agreement.

“It’s the firm I believe that we follow, not the attorney,” Hines said.

The board agreed in April to approve a new agreement but had to wait since it was not on the agenda.

Segobiano told the Columbia School Board during the May 17 meeting there had not been an “updated fee agreement” with the current attorney since she became superintendent. 

“We just have not had an updated fee agreement with Barney since I’ve been here … And, obviously, fee agreements, they just roll over year-to-year. But we have not had anything updated for a (while)…>>>

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