Waterloo schools win big from Box Tops sweepstakes

Second grader Kylie Rauh poses with her mom, Wendy Rauh, who was selected to win 7,500 Box Tops for Rogers Elementary. (submitted photo)

Many local families collect Box Tops off the top of food and household item boxes. These little cutouts can turn into major funding for schools when added up, and Rogers Elementary in Waterloo found that out recently.

Box Tops for Education is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs. Families can clip the Box Tops off of products from companies like General Mills, Hanes, Hefty and Ziploc, and turn them in to their schools.

Each Box Top is worth 10 cents for the school, and earnings are sent out to schools twice a year in December and April.

Rogers Elementary was just notified that the school is the winner of two components of the 2014 Schnucks Box Tops For Education Sweepstakes.

One of these was the grand prize, which credits 75,000 Box Tops to the school, a total of $7,500. Christine Woodard (daughters Maya and Sydney) was the winner of that drawing.

The other was a prize of 7,500 Box Tops, or $750. Wendy Rauh (daughter Kylie) was the winner.

Jamie Barksdale, secretary at Rogers, said the total of 75,000 might be what the school would collect in a year, so this new total is huge.

“The program has really expanded since it began here,” she said.

Rogers has prizes for individuals and classrooms who meet their Box Tops goals since the program began at the school in 2008.

“It’s basically getting treasure from trash,” she said. “If you buy these products, it’s easy. Just clip it off.”

Their goal was 60,000 Box Tops, but Rogers is way over that now.

“We’re second in the nation right now, and definitely first in the state,” Barksdale said.

All schools use their Box Tops money differently, but Rogers uses the money they get back to fund field trips.

Second graders Sydney and Maya Woodard pose with
their mom, Christine Woodard, who was selected to win 75,000 Box Tops for Rogers Elementary.

“Our students never have to pay for field trips,” Barksdale said. “They don’t pay for the bus trips either, which are a big cost.”

The Rogers administration has also used Box Tops money to help cover technology and playground costs.

“This is a great way to supplement those costs,” Barksdale said. “And the kids get so excited for any kind of contest.”

Other local winners include Millie Menke and Susan Stratman, who won 7,500 each for Waterloo Junior High School.

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