Waterloo OKs budget

Waterloo City Clerk Barb Pace administers the oath of office to new police commissioner Heather Garcia

The Waterloo City Council adopted an annual budget for the city during its meeting on Monday night.

The budgeted expenditures for the fiscal year of May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020 are $29,233,530 compared to $30,550,567 in the current fiscal year, representing a decrease of more than $1.3 million. 

General fund expenditures are down about $84,000 from the prior year, city budget director Shawn Kennedy said. 

Larger items included in the new budget for the street department include the purchase of a single axle dump truck at $135,000, Moore Street Improvement project at $300,000, a sidewalk from Route 3 to Bulldog Boulevard on South Market Street at $170,000, sidewalk from Norma Avenue to Waterloo Automotive on North Market Street at $50,000 and the asphalt overlay program at $850,000.

The Moore Street improvements and sidewalk to Waterloo High School were budgeted this past year but not completed, Kennedy said.

“And we continue to carry costs in the budget for projects that have been completed, but not billed by the State of Illinois totaling $791,500,” she added.

In the police department, significant items budgeted are two police vehicles at $82,000 and 15 mobile radios at $31,575.

Key water fund expenditures include a water line extension at a cost of $535,000 (budgeted last year but not completed) and the new water treatment plant project at $962,500.

Sewer fund expenditures include $150,000 for sewer pipe re-lining as preventative maintenance each year and $19,220 on upgrading sewer lift station alarms.

Electric fund expenditures include $100,000 for multi-purpose trail lighting along Route 3, plus other expenditures for routine maintenance and repairs in the electric system.

Gas fund expenditures include an odorizer upgrade estimated at $30,000, plus other expenditures for routine maintenance and repairs, Kennedy said.

In other action from the meeting, the council presented downtown beautification program check in the amount of $10,000 to Uncle John’s RRR Bar and $4,505 to The Vaults Workspace.

Heather Garcia was appointed to the Waterloo Board of Police Commissioners, replacing the retiring Earl Chambers.

Huebner Concrete Contractors was awarded a project in the amount of $79,413 for the city’s 2019 street, curb, curb ramp and sidewalk improvement program.

The council also approved the budgeted purchase of 15 mobile radios for the police department at a cost of $31,575. The council also OK’d the purchase of a LiveScan fingerprint system at a cost of $7,495.

Young Jacob Lohrberg presided over the meeting as the Mayor for the Day. He said the favorite part of his day as mayor was riding in a Waterloo police squad car.

Aldermen Jim Trantham and Jim Hopkins were not present for the meeting.

In other city news, a new car wash is being planned next to McDonald’s near Schnucks. The proposed car wash received planning commission approval last Monday and goes before the zoning board of appeals on Thursday. 

Car washes are currently only allowed in B-2 zones. This location is in a B-3 zone.

The owner of the proposed new car wash, Mike Kostelac of Millstadt, said it will be similar to the BriteWorx CarWashery located next to Columbia’s Hampton Inn but is not a franchise operation. 

Mayor Tom Smith also said the recently shuttered Wayne’s One Stop gas station at 620 S. Market Street has a new owner and plans to reopen following renovations. 

The new ownership group is from Nashville, Ill., Smith said.

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