Waterloo amends code on mobile vendors


The Waterloo City Council amended its ordinances regarding mobile food vendors and made a handful of other decisions Monday night.

The city code now states that it “shall be unlawful for any person, as an itinerant vendor, to peddle, sell, offer for sale, exhibit for sale or for the purpose of taking orders for sale, fresh or frozen meats, fresh or frozen seafoods, or fresh or frozen fish within city limits.”

An itinerant vendor is anyone who sells or delivers goods and who leases or occupies a space in the city for the sale of goods. This does not apply to those who sell goods from within an establishment operating permanent sales of similar products.

Per the ordinance, food truck vendors are allowed as part of city sponsored  or sanctioned events or at private events where the food truck operates as a caterer, such as a reception or party. 

Alderman Stan Darter said at the meeting that this amendment to the ordinance was brought about after an out-of-town meat vendor recently operated a sales stand in the Rural King parking lot along Market Street for several days.

Also at the meeting, the council approved a resolution in support of a joint sidewalk project with Monroe County for a updated pedestrian crosswalk to be installed at the intersection of Route 3 with Country Club Lane and HH Road.

Morrison-Talbott Library Director Jamie Wratchford reported to the council that Boy Scout Ethan Ellis, son of the late St. Louis County police officer Mitch Ellis – who died in a crash on his way home from work last year – is building a “Story Walk” around the library property as part of his Eagle Scout project. 

Twelve metal structures will be installed that include stories that will be replaced every month or so. The library is hoping to debut this new feature sometime in November.

The council also presented a check in the amount of $5,607.49 to Shelby’s Automotive as part of the city’s facade grant program.

Pictured, from left, are Waterloo Mayor Tom Smith, Rachel and Bud Mathes of Shelby’s Automotive with Alderman Jim Hopkins during a facade grant check presentation for the business on Monday night. 

Nathan Rau and Lauren Voelker were re-appointed to the city’s planning commission for three-year terms to expire Sept. 1, 2023.

At the Oct. 5 council meeting, a Good Neighbor Award was presented to Mary Ann Toenjes for making masks during the COVID-19 pandemic and Natalie Steppig was appointed as assistant city attorney.

The council also approved a contract with Moore Asphalt in the amount of $21,200 for the completion of asphalt pavement on West Lakes Dam.

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