Trucking trouble for zoning board

The Monroe County Zoning Board of Appeals met briefly last Wednesday to discuss two small items.

The more substantial of the requests presented to the board concerned Andrew Large, who previously spoke in February about keeping three tractor trucks and trailers on his property off Hill Castle Drive in Columbia for use in his trucking company.

Then, a special use exception to store the trucks came under scrutiny as a neighbor noted four trucks on Large’s property, though it was explained at the meeting that the fourth truck was only there briefly as Large was assisting a former business associate with small repairs.

It was ultimately decided Large would provide a list of his three trucks to Monroe County Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator Chris Voelker while also installing straight pipes on his trucks to accommodate some neighbors who had previously complained about noise.

At this most recent meeting, Large said he was seeking an amendment to his special use permit in order to allow a new truck to be stored on his property.

Large emphasized he still plans on only keeping three vehicles on his property at any time. He merely intended to add an additional truck to his rotation while one of his current trucks is out of commission.

“Basically nothing’s changed,” Large said. “I’m still gonna have three trucks, three trailers there. It’s just, one of my trucks, I’m gonna put it in the shop for some serious repairs. It’s gonna take a while. So it’s just cost effective just to buy another truck while that truck’s getting fixed.”

Large further explained that, after the repairs are concluded and all his trucks are in working order, he plans to keep the fourth truck, storing it on a friend’s lot.

Monroe County State’s Attorney Ryan Webb explained that an amendment to the special use permit was necessary given how the permit had previously been established.

“The reason for the amendment is that, when the board passed the prior restrictions on Mr. Large’s special use permit, it required a specific list of the VIN numbers of those three trucks to be provided to zoning, and so once those three numbers were provided, in order to add an additional one, ultimately that has to come before the board,” Webb said. “Whatever the parameters of it are, you’d have to approve that there is a fourth VIN that can be provided to Chris.”

After a brief discussion, the board voted to approve the amendment to allow a fourth truck to be added to the rotation, though Vicki Taake voted against the motion made by George Obernagel.

One of Large’s neighbors present at the meeting expressed concern over the weight limit of a nearby bridge, though it was advised by the board that, as they live on a private road, he would have to hire an engineer to determine the bridge’s weight limit.

The board also approved a request from Daniel and Linda Alexander, who were seeking an area/bulk variance to reduce a setback on their property along D Road in Waterloo so they could rebuild their house which was recently lost to a fire.

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