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Aluminum enhances Trost Plastics’ style

Trost Plastics, the vinyl fencing specialist, is becoming well known for selling aluminum fencing and railing along with the vinyl materials that they have been selling for 26 years.

The Westbury aluminum rail with its lifetime warranty is available in foot increments from 3 to 8 feet in length in both the stair and the flat rail. There are seven different styles and 12 different powdered coated colors varying from white to black with satin, textured and multi color. options. With all the color selections it is possible to match or complement almost all of the decking or vinyl siding colors that are available.

The Westbury aluminum columns are also available in heights up to 24 feet. These columns are weight bearing and come in sizes from 4” to 24” in round fluted, square fluted, square smooth, and square recessed. These columns like the railing come in 12 different powdered coated colors.

Westbury also has a screen rail system that is also available in the 12 colors. This is something to consider if you are ever thinking of adding a screen room to your deck. This material comes with a kick panel or railing at the bottom. This also comes with the lifetime warranty.

Radiance aluminum fence is the brand of aluminum fencing that Trost sells. It is made with a special shaped horizontal rail which gives your fence more strength than the average square rail. This material comes in heights varying from 3 to 6 feet and nine different styles with spacings of 3 3⁄4 or 1 5/8”. This material comes in black, bronze, and white and has a lifetime warranty.

Trost also sells a combination aluminum and vinyl fence called Designer Fencing. The posts and rails of the fence are aluminum and the pickets are made of vinyl. This fence allows you to have a regular aluminum fence for the fence around your pool and have a privacy fence for your pool equipment that will still match the surrounding fence.

Trost Plastics continues to sell the vinyl material that is produced by Westech. This material also has a lifetime warranty and comes in white, almond, and clay and is available in 25+ different styles and 10 different railing styles. The fence is available in basic heights of 3’ to 6’ with custom heights and styles.

Trost Plastics is proud to say that they sell 99 percent of American made products and have continued to sell quality products for 26 years. Stop by our showroom at 8610 Hanover Industrial Drive, Columbia, call us at 939 9696 or check out our website at trostplastics. com.

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