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Last week, I received some spectacular news… the type of news that put a little extra pep in my step. I’d been offered a position with a popular local business, and the job was mine for the taking. All I had to do was say yes.

And with a smile on my face, that’s exactly what I said in a reply within minutes of reading the email.

Which popular, award-winning local business am I speaking of? None other than the fine newspaper you’re reading this column in right now. That’s right, as of Feb. 18, I signed on as the new web editor for the Republic-Times newspaper. I’m pretty darn excited about it, too, if you couldn’t tell.

What’s a “web editor?” Essentially, the web editor is responsible for making sure all of the great content from the R-T’s editorial staff makes it onto the website, which, by the way, won the coveted “best website” award from the annual Illinois Press Association’s Excellence in News contest last year. The web editor also makes certain the website is consistently a valuable information resource to the community, and also makes sure it’s functioning correctly. Lastly, this person also spends time promoting the website, through both offline and online channels, as well as brainstorming new initiatives for future growth. Pretty cool, right?

Though I’ve been an R-T columnist for more than two years now, I’ve actually had very little personal interaction with folks in the office who make this all happen week-in and week-out. To say I’m impressed with the entire process at this point is most definitely an understatement. Even during a slow news week, there is so much to be done and, by golly, they do it.

Sucking up aside, I’m dead serious when I say I feel lucky to be working with such talented, true veterans of the business who I will surely learn so much from down the road.

Finally, I would like to give an enormous shout out to the current web editor, Teryn Schaefer, who has helped shape the R-T website into the powerhouse it has become. Her level of online marketing knowledge is astounding and easily outmatches many so-called “veterans” of the internet marketing industry. She has a finger on the pulse of all aspects of what makes a website successful, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be under her guidance during her final two weeks at the helm.

With her drive, ambition, and incredible organizational skills, and with her job at Fox Sports Midwest, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of Teryn in the future. I think I’ll go ahead and snag an autograph this week before she leaves.

Though you don’t need it, best of luck in your future endeavors, Teryn.

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