State’s attorney fills out legal team

Pictured are the employees of the Monroe County State’s Attorney’s office. Pictured, from left, are assistant state’s attorney Tim Stubblefield, assistant state’s attorney Mary Neff, state’s attorney Lucas Liefer, assistant state’s attorney Jennifer Becker-Roscow, legal assistant Christi Keller and legal assistant Morgan Shields.

Monroe County State’s Attorney Lucas Liefer recently finished filling out the legal team for his office after he was elected in November. 

That included hiring one assistant state’s attorney to replace himself and adding another one, bringing the county’s total to three assistant state’s attorneys. 

“I am very pleased with the team that I have assembled,” Liefer said. “I look forward to serving with them for the people of Monroe County.”

Tim Stubblefield is one of the new state’s attorneys. Licensed in 1983, he has known Liefer since the latter man obtained his legal license in 2011. 

“Tim and I had cases together in private practice and worked well together,” Liefer said. “I reached out to Tim after I was elected because I trust and respect Tim and was looking to bring someone to the office with his depth of experience.” 

Stubblefield, for his part, has some experience with Monroe County because he served as a special prosecutor to help with the transition when former Judge Dennis Doyle took over that role and vacated the state’s attorney position. 

Stubblefield also said the fact his daughter works in a district attorney’s office reminded him of how much he enjoyed being a prosecutor. 

That combination made this job opening appealing. 

“When Lucas called after the election, I thought I could probably add some value and do some public service at the same time,” Stubblefield said. 

Specifically, Stubblefield, who is handling felony cases, said he hopes to use the wisdom he has gained through his over 30 years of experience to help the office. 

For example, as law enforcement continues to change and many in the profession believe the job is becoming more difficult, Stubblefield said he aims to provide a different viewpoint. 

“My goal is to add a little perspective and act as a sounding board to support the people who are trying to keep the legal system working,” he said. “If I can make their jobs a little easier, solve a few problems and maybe keep a few problems from happening, I’d be happy with that.” 

Stubblefield said he is already on the way to accomplishing that goal. 

“Whenever there is change it takes a little time to get a rhythm going, but the staff is great,” he assessed. “They have a great attitude and that makes the work easier. I think we have established a pretty good working relationship with the law enforcement officers. I’ve actually been pretty impressed with some of the investigations I’ve seen.  There are some really good law enforcement officers in Monroe County and we are lucky to have them.”

Mary Neff is the other new lawyer in Liefer’s office. 

She passed the Bar Exam in 2012 in Missouri and in 2018 in Illinois. 

Born and raised in Monroe County, Neff said she and Liefer discussed her joining the state’s attorney’s office early in his campaign. 

“Mary is a pleasure to work with and is doing a great job,” Liefer said. 

As an assistant state’s attorney, Neff is working part-time, and she said she liked that aspect of the job. 

“It allowed me to get involved in Monroe County as well as continue my private practice,” she said.  

Neff is focused on cases involving juveniles, which she said she hopes to handle “in an efficient, supportive and reasonable manner,” and domestic battery. 

“It has been very busy and interesting so far,” Neff said. “My background focused mainly on family law, so coming on to handle the juvenile/domestic battery docket was an easy transition.” 

Stubblefield and Neff join Jennifer Becker-Roscow as assistant state’s attorneys. Becker-Roscow, who began working for the office over two years ago, deals with DUI, misdemeanor, traffic, county ordinance and conservation cases. 

“Jennifer is vital to the team,” Liefer said. “Jennifer’s experience in the areas of traffic and DUI cases is unmatched.” 

The two other new members of the legal team are legal assistants Morgan Shields and Christi Keller. 

Shield worked with Liefer in private practice, while Keller has worked for private law offices and the circuit clerk’s office. 

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