Singer moves past the pain


A young Lenzburg singer-songwriter does not let chronic illness stand in the way of pursuing her musical ambitions. 

When she was 17, Jessica Kay Jordan underwent what she describes as a “life-changing” hip surgery. 

In 2020, she was thrown yet another health curveball: she was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. 

As the biography on her website details, EDS is a “connective tissue disorder that causes the collagen in the body to become over-elasticized, which in turn creates chronic pain throughout the whole body all of the time due to unstable joints.” 

She now has two singles out on Spotify, Bandcamp and other music streaming platforms and is preparing to release her EP titled “EMOtions” later this fall, all under the stage name KASEIØN. 

Now 21, Jordan describes her music as a mix of pop and folk and prides herself on not shying away from tough topics and emotions – whether they stem from her physical health or mental health concerns. 

“This isn’t just another bad breakup song. This is a song that shows the process of what a breakup does to someone with fragile mental health from dealing with anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia,” the artist wrote about her newest single, “I H Y.” “I wrote this for all my fellow lonely people out there and I hope you know you are never truly alone!” 

Her first single, “A Place That’s All My Own,” tackles a different kind of heartbreak – one that is all in one’s head. 

“This song means the absolute most to me because loving someone from afar can be heart shattering and can damage how you see yourself as a person,” she said. 

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