Evidence of meth production in county


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said evidence of recent illegal methamphetamine production was detected in two area locations over the past week.

On Oct. 13, a landowner reported what appeared to be the remnants of a small meth lab inside a clubhouse in the 7000 block of Goeddeltown Road. The clubhouse was not an active meth lab but may have served as one very recently, police said.

On Oct. 18, a passerby came across a bucket full of meth-making materials in a ditch along Kaskaskia Road west of Bluff Road just west of the railroad tracks.

The Illinois State Police Meth Response Team was dispatched to both locations to assist in the investigation, Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing said.

The sheriff also cautioned residents that chemicals used to produce meth are extremely hazardous and may ignite or explode if mixed or stored improperly.

“Be very careful if you come across something that looks like it may be related to a meth-making operation,” Rohlfing said. “Anyone wishing to report possible drug activity can call our hotline at 939-TIPS.”

The following may indicate the presence of a meth lab:
• Unusual odors (ether, ammonia, acetone, other chemicals).
• Excessive amounts of trash, especially chemical containers, coffee filters or duct tape rolls.
• Windows covered with foil or blackened.
• Evidence of chemical waste or dumping.
• Frequent visitors at unusual times.
• Secretive or unfriendly occupants.

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