Seitz, Valentine honored in Valmeyer


Two members of the Valmeyer community were recognized at last Tuesday’s meeting of the Valmeyer Village Board. 

The first to be recognized was Valmeyer Police Chief Marty Seitz.

Seitz was commended for his continued service to the community as well as his response to a May incident during which a young boy was able to fully recover after nearly drowning.

Valmeyer Mayor Howard Heavner explained the village was “faced with a dilemma” in July during official village recognition for the others who helped save the boy’s life. 

Seitz was the first emergency responder on scene during the May incident, but he was also the organizer of the July recognition ceremony and had presented  certificates and plaques during the meeting.

“It’s mighty hard to give your own self an award,” Heavner continued, adding Seitz needed to be recognized “for the many different things he has done … and prevented from happening.”

Seitz accepted the honor and addressed those in attendance.

“It is truly my honor to serve the Village of Valmeyer,” he began. “I am blessed to work where I work and live where I live. We truly do have a wonderful place here. I always joke it’s a little piece of heaven.”

Seitz also thanked Valmeyer residents and other Valmeyer officers, saying they “make his job easy.”

Pictured, from left, are retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Department deputies Steve Meister and Larry Chausse, Valmeyer Police Chief Marty Seitz, former Valmeyer Police Chief Tom Andres and current VPD officers Dan Hemmer and Cole Juelfs at last Tuesday’s Valmeyer Village Board meeting, during which Seitz was honored for service to the community.

The next to be recognized was Valmeyer Village Manager Dennis Valentine, who will retire from nearly 30 years of public service at the end of the month.

Valentine was a village trustee from 1995 to 2006, and has since served as village manager. 

Heavner thanked Valentine for his consistent work in keeping the village informed about various issues.

“There never seemed to be a question I asked him where he didn’t find that information for me,” Heavner said, adding Valentine always worked to “keep us out of trouble. I will forever be in his debt for that.”

Heavner also pointed out Valentine’s attention to village infrastructure systems.

“When I think of Denny, I think of foundations. I think of  backbone. Something he always made a point of working on is infrastructure,” Heavner began. “You don’t even necessarily see what’s going on, but I guarantee 10-20 years from now somebody definitely ought to appreciate the work that he put in to get the job done. I know he doesn’t want to be recognized, but he has definitely earned it,” Heavner concluded.

“Unlike Marty (Seitz), I have very little to say,” Valentine joked, “but I thank y’all very much.”

Valmeyer Village Administrator Dennis Knobloch said Valentine is “definitely going to be missed,” saying Valmeyer has benefited from Valentine’s “experience as trustee and manager” and his “expertise and devotion to the village.”

Pictured, from left, are Valmeyer trustee Kyle Duffy, Valmeyer Mayor Howard Heavner, Valmeyer Village Manager Dennis Valentine, trustees Robert Nolan and Tim Valentine, Valmeyer Police Chief Marty Seitz and trustee Adam Tyberendt. Dennis was recognized for his nearly three decades of work with the village. His last day as village manager is Sept. 30.  

After the recognitions, the board acted on a request to extend the village tap-in fees for new development in the Bluff Meadows residential addition.

The village tap-in ordinance is set to expire in September 2023, but Knobloch explained there is a potential buyer for the property in questions and extending the tap-in fees would help “consummate the sale if the board approves the extension.”

While the requested extension was for one year, trustee Kyle Duffy moved to extend the tap-in fees for three years in keeping with past village practices.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Valmeyer Village Board meets at 7:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of the month at Valmeyer Village Hall, 260 Knobloch Boulevard.

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