Red Bud school roamer charged

Mason Manning

A 19-year-old Red Bud man turned himself in to police this week after surveillance footage was shared widely on the news and social media showing him roaming around inside Red Bud High School early Sunday morning.

Mason Manning turned himself in to the Red Bud Police Department Monday night and returned a theatre costume he had taken from the school, the North County News reported.

Manning was charged with criminal trespass to state supported property, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

Security footage showed Manning entering the school about 1 a.m. He roamed around the school for nearly 50 minutes and was seen lifting weights and mopping, among other things.

He eventually left the school wearing a costume.

The school district posted images of the suspect on Facebook asking for help in identifying the man.

Red Bud school superintendant Jonathan Tallman told the North County News there was no physical damage caused to school property.

“As a district, we’ll also pursue where the breach occurred, address it and make the necessary security enhancements to our buildings and procedures,” Tallman told the paper.

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