Queen of Hearts winner to spend jackpot wisely

Pictured is Waterloo Queen of Hearts winner Julie Washausen (at right) with her husband Bryan and daughters Emily and Anna. (submitted photo)

Waterloo resident Julie Washausen won the Queen of Hearts raffle last Tuesday at Stubborn German Brewing Company, winning $92,390 on the 45th week of the drawing.   

Washausen said it did not register immediately when her ticket number was called because her husband’s number was similar to hers, so she was listening for his.

“I felt totally excited,” Washausen said of the moment she realized her number was picked. “I didn’t realize the amount of money that was involved. I was thinking they probably wouldn’t turn my card over and I would get that $500 they give you for when they call your name. I was super excited with that.”

Once Washausen went up, Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic School Athletic Director John Green showed her the card she picked, No. 44.

“So when he actually did turn the card over, I didn’t know I had won until he said ‘Congratulations,’” Washausen remembered. “And I was looking at the card, but it wasn’t sinking in that it was the Queen of Hearts. When it did sink in, it was all kind of a blur from there.”

After the win, Green took to Facebook to thank Waterloo Mayor Tom Smith and his staff, Stubborn German owners Chris and Tammy Rahn and their staff and SPPCS staff for their help in making the drawing a success.

“Most of all, (thank) you who came to downtown Waterloo on a Tuesday night and supported not only this fundraiser, but the many local businesses every week,” Green added. 

The Queen of Hearts drawing started Nov. 7. 

Each week, participants purchased raffle tickets at $1 each. Then, a winning ticket was drawn and the winner had a chance to select a card from a board containing 54 playing cards face down. 

The person automatically received a certain amount of money for having their name drawn. Washausen won the jackpot for picking the titular card. 

For each week nobody won, the money rolled over to the jackpot. The SPPCS Athletic Department received 20 percent of the funds each week, while 80 percent went to the jackpot. 

Stubborn German only earned money from beer sales for hosting the event. 

Washausen had been playing the game since the beginning, purchasing 10 tickets each week. 

“It really was an excuse to get up to Stubborn German on Tuesday night,” Washausen said with a laugh. 

She said she did not even know much about the game when she began playing.

“My husband Bryan knew more about it, so we went down to Steeleville when they had their big one and it just seemed fun,” she said. “So when we heard Waterloo was doing one we were definitely going to get in on it.”

Washausen said she plans to use the money to help pay for her daughters’ college. Her daughters, Emily and Anna, are 15 and 11, respectively. 

Washausen has not yet had a chance to celebrate her win, as she works in the district courts in Missouri in an administrative role and it is a busy time of the year for her. She said she may celebrate when she picks up the check. 

The next Queen of Hearts game was supposed to begin Oct. 2, but it has been delayed as Green completes additional paperwork. No new start date has been announced. 

When it does begin, Washausen said she plans to play again for several reasons. 

“We love Stubborn German,” Washausen explained. “All of our friends are up there. It’s an amazing fundraiser, now that I see how high it can get. I had no idea it could get that high. It’s just a good community thing to do.”

To stay up-to-date on the Queen of Hearts game, follow “Waterloo Queen of Hearts” on Facebook. 

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