Quality Collision thriving in Waterloo location

Quality Collision owner Chris Kalbfleisch and the front room of his Waterloo location. (Robyn Dexter photo)

With business in Columbia booming, Quality Collision owner Chris Kalbfleisch knew expansion was possible.

In April, the Waterloo location opened in the building that used to house George Weber Chevrolet.

“We did so much business for people in Waterloo at our Columbia location, so we wanted to find something down here a little closer to them,” Kalbfleisch said. “The Columbia shop is so busy all the time that we can’t get people in fast enough. This relieves the workload there and shifts it here.”

He said the Columbia location has started to do a lot of business with south St. Louis County residents.

“Each week, it gets a little bit better,” he said about business at the Waterloo location. “We want people to realize we’re here and we’re open.”

The Waterloo location features the same theme as the Columbia one, complete with a vintage theme and brightly colored antiques in the lobby.

“We’re into all of the old gas station stuff and old cars,” he said. “We wanted both stores to match.”

They are currently restoring an old tow truck for the lobby, much like the Columbia location.

“It draws a lot of people in because it reminds them of when they were kids,” Kalbfleisch said.

When the building went up for sale, Kalbfleisch knew it would be the perfect building with the space he’d been looking for.

“It’s the perfect size and a great location,” he said. “It has all the showroom space we wanted.”

He said it took about two months to get everything set up and ready for the store opening, and things have been going well since then.

Kalbfleisch attributes the success of Quality Collision to the speediness of the work they do.

“We work directly with insurance companies so they don’t have to wait three or four days to get an estimate,” he said. “With us, they can bring their car in the day they have an accident.”

Quality Collision offers free rental cars on site and free vehicle details.

“Every little thing helps,” he said. “And being convenient is the biggest thing.”

For more information on Quality Collision, call 939-9420.

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