Police Blotter 5/21/14

Columbia Police

May 9 – Heather Sharp, 40, of Columbia, was arrested for retail theft at the Columbia Schnucks.

May 12 – Russell E. Parris, 25, of Imperial, Mo., was arrested at 1000 Columbia Centre on a fugitive from justice warrant and for driving while license revoked.

Ricky J. Theilemann, 56, of East Carondelet, was arrested for verbally threatening a police officer in the 100 block of Old State Route 3.

May 14 – Charles V. Grissom, 27, of Cahokia, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal transportation of alcohol and driving while license revoked on Route 3 northbound at Palmer Road.

May 16 – Amanda Wicker, 34, of St. Louis, Michael J. McCar- thy, 27, of Granite City, and Tiffany N. Gresham, 28, of Granite City, were arrested for possession of meth precursors at 1200 Ad- miral Weinel Boulevard.
Nancy S. Sisak, 52, of Fenton, Mo., was arrested on an in-state warrant and for speeding on I-255 at milepost 6.8.

May 17 – Jason M. Cochrum, 26, of Dupo, was arrested on a warrant and for no insurance, driving while suspended and no seat belt on Admiral Parkway at N. Main Street.

May 18 – Megan R. Sherwood, 22, of St. Louis, was arrested for DUI and improper parking on eastbound I-255 at milepost 5.2.
Marton J. Zahoran, 28, of St. Louis, was arrested for obstructing justice and on a fugitive from justice warrant at 517 S. Columbia Avenue.

May 19 – Alan Dixon, 36, of St. Louis, was arrested for posses- sion of drug paraphernalia.

Illinois State Police

May 5 – Camilla L. Morse, 55, of Waterloo, was cited for unlawful sale or delivery of alcohol to a minor at Wayneโ€™s One Stop, 620 S. Market Street, Waterloo.

Rita F. Kruse, 64, of Columbia, was cited for unlawful sale or delivery of alcohol to a minor at the Columbia Walgreens.

Monroe County Sheriff

May 12 – The theft of credit and debit cards from the YMCA on May 8 is under investigation.

May 13 – Randy Cox of Cahokia and Gary Snyders of Waterloo were transported from St. Clair County and arrested on Monroe County warrants.

May 14 – The Waterloo Fire Department responded to a call around 1:45 p.m. regarding a shed roof fire at 2605 Route 156 in Waterloo. The shed is used by Dave Schmitz for auto body work and welding. The cause of the fire was electrical in nature, fire officials said, with flames contained to the east wall of the attic portion. No injuries were reported.

May 15 – Michael Schnieders, 57, of Waterloo, was arrested for domestic battery on LL Road.

May 16 – The theft of 30 Swarovski crystal figurines from a truck on Konarcik Road is under investigation.

May 19 – Police are investigating the report of a stolen car from a property at 5615 LRC Road south of Waterloo. The homeowner reported his white 1986 Corvette convertible with a black top missing at about 2 p.m.

Ryan Wittenauer, 20, of Red Bud, was cited for unlawful possession of alcohol.

Daniel Weilbacher, 61, of Columbia, was cited for criminal trespass to residence.

Jason Goodman, 30, of Columbia, was transported to St. Anthonyโ€™s Medical Center in St. Louis for treatment of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash that occurred shortly before 9 p.m. on Bluff Road about one mile south of Red Roof Liquor and Lottery in Columbia.

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Corey Saathoff

Corey is the editor of the Republic-Times. He has worked at the newspaper since 2004, and currently resides in Columbia. He is also the principal singer-songwriter and plays guitar in St. Louis area country-rock band The Trophy Mules.
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