New Queen of Hearts game in town

Pictured from left are Helping Strays Shelter Director Bill Dahlkamp and Hopskeller Brewing Company founder, head brewer and operating partner Matt Schweizer before the inaugural Queen of Hearts drawing at Hopskeller on Thursday. The winner selected a joker.

Thursday nights in downtown Waterloo just became more exciting, as a new Queen of Hearts drawing is taking place at Hopskeller Brewing Company.

The raffle benefits Helping Strays.

“It’s another option for people to have an opportunity to win some money and support a good cause at the same time,” Helping Strays Shelter Director Bill Dahlkamp said. 

To play the game, which started Feb. 7, participants purchase raffle tickets that cost $1 each. 

Then, a winning ticket is drawn and the winner has a chance to select a card from a board that starts with 54 pieces of paper representing playing cards that are face down. 

If the person picks the Queen of Hearts, they win the jackpot.

If they do not, the money from ticket sales rolls over to the next week and the jackpot increases…>>>

Read more in the February 13, 2019, issue.

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