Late-winter deer hunting

Pictured is Aaron Voelker’s Republic-Times Deer photo contest entry. To submit your entry or to vote for a winner, click here. (submitted photo)

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced that a drawing will be held Tuesday, Jan. 7, to allow 20 persons to hunt antlerless deer on part of the Baldwin Lake Waterfowl Rest Area at Kaskaskia River State Fish and Wildlife Area during the second part of the late-winter deer hunting season, Jan. 17-19.

The special hunt area at Baldwin Lake will not be open during the first part of the late-winter deer season, Dec. 26-29.

To be eligible for the in-house drawing, the person’s name, mailing address, and county of permit (St. Clair or Randolph County) must be clearly printed on a standard USPS postcard and received at the site office by Jan. 3.

The site address is: Kaskaskia River SFWA, 10981 Conservation Road, Baldwin IL 62217.

The 20 designated hunting locations will be allocated in random order. During the special hunt, the deer hunter must be in an elevated stand at least 6 feet high and these have to be within 10 yards of their designated hunting spot.

A secondary drawing will be held at 5:45 a.m. each day, if needed, to allow any standby hunters to go to any unfilled hunting location.

The remainder of the Kaskaskia River SFWA and Turkey Bluffs SFWA south of Chester are also open and have no special drawing.

For more information, call Carl Handel at 618-295-2877 or Mic Middleton at 618-785-2555.

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