Large donation funds Helping Strays kennel


Dieter Mosler of Columbia died last September at age 75, leaving few living relatives but a lasting legacy as an animal lover nonetheless.

His $220,000 donation for the new Helping Strays shelter at 4221 Hanover Road between Waterloo and Columbia will fund the organization’s kennel area. It will also be named in Mosler’s honor.

Helping Strays received the donation Friday through a check presentation at the shelter. Mosler’s executor of his estate, Sallie Blue, turned the money over to Helping Strays President Paula Hutchinson, who said the money would pay for a lot of needs with the kennel and other operational expenses.

“It means a lot,” Hutchinson told the Republic-Times. “There’s the fact that we can pay down a loan that we took out for the new building, and we can help out more animals now. We’re really excited. There’s been a lot of emotion going into the move to the new building.”

The donation will help pay for the turf and fence on the east side of the building, as well as keeping the kennel a disease-free home for dogs.

Last year, the late Vera Baebler of Columbia donated $400,000 for the new location that will hence be named the Kenneth and Vera Baebler Pet Adoption Center. Mosler’s donation marks the second-most generous gift toward the project.

At the moment, Helping Strays is still settling into its new building. Hutchinson believes it will be open to the public next week.

“It’s very exciting for us to move into a new place,” she said.

For more information on Helping Strays, go to or visit “Helping Strays of Monroe County” on Facebook.

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