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Dennis Knobloch

Monroe County Board Chairman Dennis Knobloch, a Republican, announced Friday he is not seeking a new term as commissioner after his current term expires Nov. 30, 2024.

Knobloch was appointed in 2020 to complete the term of Ron Schultheis, who died two years into his six-year elected term as commissioner. 

“It was my honor to step up and help the county upon the death of Commissioner Ron Schultheis,” Knobloch said. “At the conclusion of my term, I look forward to spending more time with my family and pursuing other interests.”

Knobloch thanked the citizens of Monroe County for their support. 

“I invite your continued support as I continue to serve as one of your county commissioners until December 2024,” he said.

Knobloch, a lifelong Monroe County resident, graduated from  Valmeyer High School and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has been a member of many community and civic organizations. 

He is also a founding member of the Bud Light Brigade. 

Knobloch began his time as a public official in 1989, when he was elected to his first of two terms as Valmeyer village president.

It was during his second term when Knobloch led the village through recovery – and relocation – in the aftermath of the Flood of 1993.

In 1995, the village relocation efforts required a full-time position. It was apparent to everyone in Valmeyer that Knobloch was the man for the job, and he voluntarily resigned his post as village president and took on the role of village administrator. 

He continued in that capacity full-time until he was appointed as Monroe County Clerk in 1997 while continuing to serve as Valmeyer village administrator in a part-time role.

Knobloch said the “extras” involved in moving Valmeyer to higher ground    were mostly complete by that time, allowing him to accept the clerk position. 

He was tapped to replace Richard A. Trost when Trost was indicted and convicted of mail fraud and money laundering.

After serving out the final year of Trost’s term, Knobloch won re-election to full four-year terms in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014.

He decided to not seek another term prior to the 2018 election. 

At the time, Knobloch said, “The timing was right more than anything. I would be more than willing to continue working for another year or so, but a job like this you have to take in four-year chunks. I felt it was time to move on to the next chapter of my life and let somebody else take the position.”

He was only out of office a little over a year before he was appointed to the county board in April 2020. 

He ran unopposed in November 2020 and was elected as board chairman in December 2021.

After next December, Knobloch will finally have the leisure time to pursue personal interests, although he will likely still be heavily involved in community events.

He said he will continue as Valmeyer village administrator “for the time being.”

Knobloch said he made the decision to not seek re-election in advance of the upcoming 2024 general primary and general elections.

Current Monroe County Clerk Jonathan McLean said the first date to circulate petitions ahead of the March 19, 2024, primary election is Sept. 5.

McLean said he expects necessary paperwork to be available this week for potential candidates to prepare ahead of next week’s circulation date.

For more information on upcoming election filings, visit

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