JB Bridge eastbound closure April 15


The Missouri Department of Transportation announced Thursday the eastbound lanes of I-255 over the Jefferson Barracks Bridge will be closed beginning 8 a.m. this Friday, April 15 as MoDOT begins its first phase of bridge repairs.

On April 15, all traffic will be directed to the westbound bridge. The remaining two lanes in each direction will be narrowed and shifted on I-255 westbound over the bridge by 8 a.m. Saturday, April 16.

This work may be delayed if inclement weather prohibits the construction needed prior to the traffic switch, MoDOT said.

Since the project also includes work at the eastbound I-255 bridge over Koch Road, the ramp from Koch Road to eastbound I-255 will also be closed. Drivers on Koch Road who want to travel east can take westbound I-255 to Telegraph Road and then get onto eastbound I-255.

MoDOT said large trucks heading across this bridge are strongly encouraged to use the left lane as they cross the Mississippi River.

While the eastbound bridge is closed, MoDOT said drivers can expect congestion levels to be high during the morning and evening rush periods, and should consider either adjusting their routes or times, or allowing extra time to cross through the work zone.

The eastbound bridge will remain closed through December so crews can complete needed preventative maintenance identified during recent bridge inspections. 

The next phase of the project will be closure of the westbound bridge, which is expected to be reopen when the project wraps up in fall 2023.

The JB Bridge rehabilitation project had been on MoDOT’s radar for a long time, but was changed to include a larger scope after an inspection a couple of years ago. This inspection found a small crack in one of the welds within a fracture critical member. Upon discovering this, the bridge was immediately closed for further investigation.

The project will include a new paint job, pavement repairs, some tension cable replacement, lighting upgrades and more. MoDOT said this large project should prevent having to do several smaller closures in the future.

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