HSMC hopes Chancellor didn’t die in vain

Chancellor was brought to the animal shelter in very poor condition. He was put to sleep Monday at Waterloo Animal Hospital. (submitted photo)

Although the fight to save one neglected dog found in very poor shape this past weekend was unsuccessful, the Humane Society of Monroe County (Helping Strays) hopes the community will support a program that helps cover expenses for future such cases.

HSMC officials said a dog named Chancellor was dropped off at the shelter in the poorest condition of any dog they had ever seen of his size.

“He was found in Waterloo behind Wayne’s One Stop gas station,” HSMC President Paula Hutchinson said.

Chancellor was quickly transported to Waterloo Animal Hospital for immediate care. The dog was placed on a warming pad since his body temperature was very low, and given IV fluids due to being severely malnourished.

Hutchinson said that on Monday, Chancellor’s health had deteriorated to the point that the veterinarian made the difficult decision to put him to sleep so he would not suffer any longer.

Monroe County Animal Control is looking into the case, Hutchinson said.

Anyone with information on the owner of this dog is asked to call 282-7387.

The HSMC has a program in place that helps defray the costs of cases such as the one involving Chancellor. The Pet-In-Need program offers financial support for any pet that arrives at the shelter either injured or ill.

“Many medical problems are treatable and the pet, once healed, can live a normal, full and happy life,” the HSMC states on its website. “Sometimes the injuries and medical conditions are extensive and very costly to treat.”

The Pet-In-Need fund is used exclusively for expenses involved in treating injured, ill, abused or orphaned animals who make their way to the shelter.

For more information on this program and how to help — along with a sampling of recent success stories — visit online at http://helpingstrays.org/give/pet-in-need.

“(We’ve) rescued so many in the last few weeks, so donations would be appreciated,” Hutchinson said.

Anyone who believes they have witnessed a case of animal neglect is urged to contact Animal Control at 939-8681, ext. 238.

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