Gibault grad going local with first film

Once she had the idea for the script, she just started writing.

Gibault Catholic High School alumna Melissa Thouviner has been working on producing a movie in Waterloo, and has high hopes for its success.

Some of the cast and crew film last Tuesday evening at Lakeview Park in Waterloo. They are, from left, Tim Ridenour, Carter O’Meara, Regan McCoy, Isabella Garcia, Madison Rogers, Ralph Johnston and Corey Thouviner. (Robyn Dexter photo)

Her journey in film began a few years back when she realized just how passionate she was about filmography.

Thouviner met her husband eight years ago when he was affiliated with a small production company out of St. Louis, and she ended up working with them over the past few years.

“I realized this was something I’d have a great interest in doing myself,” she said. “We decided back in January to pursue it.”

Thouviner had some thoughts on what she’d like to do, which included a full-length feature film.

In April, she decided she not only wanted to direct the film, but also write it.

“I wrote the entire thing, and held an audition in May out at Konarcik Park,” she said. “We’ve been working ever since.”

Thouviner said it only took her 48 hours to write the entire script.

“I’ve never been a writer, but I had so many awesome ideas in my head I just had to get down on paper.”

Since the day she sat down to write until now, however, a lot has been added and changed.

“I originally wrote the script without dialogue, but I’ve had to go in and put it in to fit the characters,” she said.

They began filming at the beginning of October and still have a ways to go.

About seven or eight scenes are done so far out of a total of 32.

“The film itself is called ‘The Other Side,’ but we don’t want to give a whole lot away,” Thouviner said. “It’s a suspense film with about 10 actors, and the majority of them are local.”

The cast includes some high school students who have done work in school plays, along with some adults.

The crew, she said, varies from day to day but consists of 12 people.

“When the previews come out, I’m hoping we can get it to the big screen,” she said. “I’m working very hard on this, and I want it to be as good as possible. I’m not in any rush, so I want it to be perfect.”

Thouviner hopes to wrap up filming by December, but she said it depends largely on the weather.

“I have an awesome cast and crew that have just been incredible to work with,” she said. “We’re very hopeful that this goes far.”

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