Columbia School Board OKs roof work


The Columbia School Board decided how to address the parts of the roof at Columbia High School in need of immediate work, choosing an option that involved a mix of replacing and repairing.

Three sections of the roof will be replaced by Trane U.S. Inc., an energy services company, while one will have its warranty extended by Tremco Roofing. 

Replacing the three parts of the CHS roof brings the district’s contract with Trane up to $3,247,861. That includes previously reported on heating, ventilation and air conditioning work and work on a boiler. 

Extending the warranty on the one section of the roof will cost $11,105.91, with no more than $6,500 going to the process needed to ensure the roof’s warranty can be safely extended. 

“That seemed pretty reasonable with the other three roofs going with Trane,” Columbia Interim Superintendent Victor Buehler said.  

Ryan Steinbach, a representative of Tremco Roofing, said based on his initial inspection there should be no issue with the roof’s warranty being extended. While under warranty, Steinbach’s company will fix any leak the roof has. 

The board plans to gather more information on warranties for the parts of the roof not in critical need of work to discuss what to do with them at its July meeting. 

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