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The Rodent Destroyers | Planet Ryan

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with snakes. I’m not talking about keeping a house full of them in cages or any kind of domestication –…

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The Hex | Mark’s Remarks

I don’t really believe in hexes, but I do something I call putting a “hex” on old houses. Maybe it should be called “saying a prayer for an old house.”…

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Oh well | Mark’s Remarks

Let’s face it: we are, for the most part, a self-centered society. How many times do you listen to a conversation, all the while focusing not on what the other…

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Dreams? | Mark’s Remarks

I always read Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant to my fourth graders every year. It is a fun, complicated and terribly disgusting book. Kids love it. One fun part of…

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Storm chasers, life savers | Planet Ryan

On Friday, May 31, the meteorological community lost three of its most innovative, valuable members to the EF-5 tornado that struck El Reno, Okla. This loss is tragic, yet honorable,…

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A book of stories? | Mark’s Remarks

Sure, there are some parts of the Bible that are hard to understand, and there are parts of the Bible many people struggle with. It’s easy to argue. People will…

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Satisfaction | Mark’s Remarks

Isn’t it funny how we are never satisfied? We are such selfish, unfulfilled creatures at times, aren’t we? When I was a kid, we had a few television channels. If…

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Mission: plant garden | Planet Ryan

I woke up yesterday morning and the first thought in my head was, “I want my own garden.” I know it’s kind of weird, but that’s the only thing I…

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Stuff | Mark’s Remarks

I know I’ve often told you how appalled I am with reality television. I also know you’ve caught me contradicting myself, eating my words, and putting my big, judgmental foot…

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