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Have you ever had someone go out of their way to do something so nice that it left you with a smile on your face, a renewed faith in humanity and a determination to somehow properly thank them for it?

That’s where I stand right now after a recent trip to a store across the river we all know as The Home Depot.

Let me back up. I recently became one of Waterloo’s newest residents. I moved from Columbia, where I spent the last eight years of my life, happily, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move back to my quasi-hometown of Waterloo.

It’s also my first house. I’ve been an apartment kind of guy since I’ve been on my own, so it’s a welcomed change.

As you know, with a house there are all sorts of little things and big things that need to be acquired, installed, assembled and arranged before it’s time to settle in and enjoy it. I can’t wait to finally be there.

One item I needed and was looking forward to acquiring was a new washer and dryer. I was on a mission to save money, since moving can be quite expensive as it is.

One cold night I ventured over to Sears and looked around. Nothing really stuck out.

I left and had this strange feeling to stop by The Home Depot on the way home, since it was on the way. So, off I went.

In my mind, I was thinking about a Black Friday sale they just had the week before and saw some unbelievably good deals on a few different sets. I wanted to check in and see if they had anything similar.

The same set I had my eye on a week prior was sitting right there in the store, but at regular price. I glanced around and spotted John, who works in the appliance department.

I told him I felt bad that I missed such a good deal, and he looks at me and says, “well, you may not have missed it.”

Of course, my curiosity peaked. Turns out, they were putting that same set back on sale at Black Friday prices the very next morning and on top of that, they were taking an extra 20 percent off select appliances, including that very set.

But John wasn’t allowed to sell it to me that night. Even though I knew I couldn’t make it there the next morning, I said, “well, I’ll just take my chances that it’s still there after I get off of work tomorrow.”

John, one of those types of people who goes above and beyond on a regular basis, says, “wait a minute, let me make a call.”

And did he ever make a call. Whoever the magic person was behind the phone on the other end gave John the go-ahead to sell me the set that very night at the sale price, with the extra 20 percent off — which on a big-ticket item is a huge savings.

John didn’t have to do what he did that night. But he did it anyway. And no, they don’t even work on commission. I told him I’d find a way to thank him for his kindness and awesome customer service.

Thanks, John.

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